Good day everyone! :) So I’m alive again… As you can see, I’ve been pretty busy doing my mommy duties thingy, ye know~ being hands-on to my now 10 month old baby. Here I’m gonna show you some pictures we took one usual afternoon while me and this young man are enjoying the moment with these cute bubbles ~(>u< ~ )

Here ya go! Here are some of my favorite shots with Yuan (and the bubbles.) Til then! :)

xxxxxxxxxx ~ RAN

Unemployed and Happy. //

Good day reader! ^u^ So as what I said on my recent post, I already resigned as a service crew on one of the finest bakeshop here in the country — RED RIBBON BAKESHOP. (Ha! What an advertisment, Ran -_-) So yeah, I’m gonna share you some of my experiences this past few months as a working mom and how did I end up with a resignation. 

I got the employment news last April 27. But before that, I pass on a resume on the said shop a month ago so everything was really a surprise, I mean, their text message. Because yeah, they’ve informed me via text message. And how did my brain react to it? By questions. To attend the interview or not to go. After some thoughts and consultation to my husband, I ended up giving it a try. 

Fast forward to the interviews and the oh-so-hard-requirements, I got in. I have a job, again! :) It was so cute working with cakes and the tools are so cute also. Over all, I enjoy working there. Until things get complicated. I can’t manage being a working mom anymore. (>n<) The other reason is that some of my crew mated kept on leaving store without our manager’s permission, such an annoying scene whenever they are absent because I am extending my working hours because there was no other crew there. I know, it’s annoying. Especially that I know there is someone out there waiting for me to come home… So I resign. 

Did I made the right decision? Yes, I guess so.Because there’s nothing more precious than being with my baby 24/7. Being unemployed means less stress and less drama. And if some are asking me if I will apply again sometime, Yes. I will. Maybe when Yuan turns one or two. Who knows. The thing is, I have no regrets resigning. I picked my priority and that’s the best thing. <3 


Yes, I’m Back! =))

Hey guys! Guess who’s back on blogging!!? Well who currs (-_-) Anywho, I’ve been visiting blogs of some of my favorite people and I got really really inspired by it. And so yeah~ here I am again. Btw, excuse all my grammars pleaseu (>w<) 

So, how am I lately…. 

I am unemployed once again! Yay! No? K. I pass my resignation last June 30. Why did I do that? To be a full time mom once again to my 8 month old kid. Blah, I’ll tell you everything about this on my next post. Probably. 

Can I blog more often now? 

I can’t really assure you that guys. But I swear imma blog everytime I have free time. Like this time =)) Okay, so this is just a short post tellin’ you guys that I’m back and once again, inspired. And I wish you’d love my future post. Annyeonghi! <3 

P.S. I’ll end this post with a selca kekekeke \(>u<\ )